As a leading firm in immigration services in the Dominican Republic, 80% of our extensive experience is dedicated to the efficient and high-quality management of immigration procedures. We specialize in addressing the needs of transnational and national companies, as well as individual clients, ensuring their satisfaction and exceeding their expectations with comprehensive and personalized solutions.

Our Team

Jordi Carrasco Blade


Paola Molina

Coordinating Attorney

Trazy Díaz


Anyehirys Cuevas


Why work with Us!

We take complete charge of all processes. We assist you in each phase until completing the processing of your visas, residence permits, citizenship and more.

Proven Experience

With more than 9,500 approved cases, this has allowed us to develop a deep specialization and knowledge in the legal intricacies of the Dominican Republic.

Comprehensive and Personalized Service

We provide tailored solutions for each client, ensuring an immigration process customized to their specific needs with the highest level of efficiency and quality.

Customer satisfaction

Our main motivation is excellence in service, we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations, providing peace of mind and confidence in every step of their legal regularization.

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